OK, So That Was Boring

There were no fireworks, no major gaffs, and no great revelations. We Obama supporters are still Obama supporters, the McCain supporters are still McCain supporters, and according to my daughter, Sarah Palin is still a “moose killer.” It is interesting to me how the two sides can watch the same debate and each come out … Read more

Up For Debate

Tonight is another big night. Probably not as big as last Thursday, but it should still be interesting. I am referring of course to the Obama – McCain debate from Nashville this evening. The community forum style is supposed to be McCain’s strong point, but I really have to wonder about that. If he show … Read more

Free Obama Buttons

First it was bumper stickers, now it is buttons. If you want a free Barack Obama Vote button, you can get one here from MoveOn.org. You can get one for free, three different buttons for a two dollar donation, or 45 buttons for a $20 donation. If you haven’t already, sign up for the free … Read more