The Diagnosis

Well I left the car up on ramps from yesterday so that I could get under there today with better light and hopefully get something accomplished. I did get back under, but i got nothing accomplished. Well, not absolutely nothing. I did confirm that it is the bushings in the gear shift mount that have gone and caused everything to get sloppy. But, seeing as I had no parts, I got nothing fixed. Hopefully those parts will be in early this week and maybe I can get something done. After getting the parts, the next problem is going to be figuring out how to replace them in the absolute lack of space where they reside.

On another note, Nancy’s 2001 Ford Escape decided to get jealous and demand some attention. So, the driver’s side window mechanism broke. It looks like it will probably cost about $150 for the part and then I will get to spend an hour or so installing it. The fun never stops!

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