The Retrieval

Well, we went and got it! Overall it is fairly good. Yes, I know that doesn’t say much. As with anything like this there are areas that are better than I expected and those that are worse. The engine and drive-train seem very strong. I ran it at about 70 mph on the 250 mile trip back from Asheville to Charleston. It never skipped a beat and many times was really begging to go faster. On the bad side it does have some pretty serious rust in a a few areas and some dents in the other area. So, it is definitely going to take some body work. You can see all of that in the pictures below.

Other than those areas, the on two major things that don’t work are the brake lights and the windshield wipers. Neither one of those should take too long to square away, especially as all the other lights and signals work. There is also an exhaust leak near the manifold that needs to be taken care of both to quiet it down and to stop the fumes that are escaping. Finally, the gear shift is really lose. I need to take a look and that and see whether things just need tightening or if I am going to have to replace the bushings that secure it. Either way, that is not a horrible hard or time consuming process.

So, as it stands, I am now the owner of a pretty cute little 1975 BMW! The kids and the wife all like the looks, color, and style. The most interesting comment was from my daughter, Christina, who got in and smiled. She said she liked the way it smelled. I gave her a quizzical look and she said, “it smells like the kind of car you are supposed to have.” Yes, it has that gas, oil, and musty smell of a 30 year old classic. My daughter knows me well.

Hotel 1 Hotel 2 Steering Wheel and Instruments

Door Trunk Shock Tower Left

Rear View Chase Car Mountains and Mirror

Road Beside Looking Ahead Down the Mountain

Rain Begins Rain-X Road Picture at Speed