Too Funny!

I am always looking for ways to send cool email greeting cards – especially since Apple discontinued the eCard service on the .Mac service, now Mobile Me. And I don’t always want cute little kittens or mushy hearts or those two weird little Hoops and YoYo guys from wherever they come from. Gimme something edgy and cool, but that I can still send to the office. (OK, I do tend to push it a bit there.)

honkerToday I found a site called Vidigreet. There is a free card you can send, and that card changes every week. So although aren’t a lot of free ones to send, if you don’t send that many it still work. And some of the other cards on there are simply hilarious – although there are the ones that certainly push that workplace boundary, like the vibrator girl. (No, not really what you are thinking.)

They have the standard categories like “birthday”, “congratulations”, “I love you”, and “sorry”. But hey also have cool areas like “messing with you”, “gay”, and “flirt”. Again, what I really like about this place is that the ecards are original and edgy, not the standard fare. Would be great if they were all free, but then wouldn’t everything?

So anyway, I still mourn the loss of Apple’s .Mac ecards, but at least for the time being I have found a pretty funny alternative. And if you have a better option for me, please leave a comment and let me know!