I am currently traveling a bit. In fact, I am up in Boston for an Internet identity and security conference. This is the Authentication and Online Trust Alliance. I am really doing this for my normal job, that of an IS manager, so that we can make sure we do our best with our Internet efforts. On the other hand I am hoping that I will gain some knowledge and insight that can be used for my own work here on the web.

The only downside to any of this is that it is damned cold up here in the North East! I left Charleston which is a nice 70 degrees or so with sun and just simply beautiful weather. Now I am suffering through clouds, rain, and temperatures in the 30s. In fact I heard on the news that it may snow tonight. Snow! Those people who know me know that I don’t do cold and snow. So while I am here I am going to try to do my best to keep inside and stay warm.

On a serious note, I have to mention the horrors that rained down upon Virginia Tech yesterday. This hits a bit close to home because way back when I was deciding to seek my higher education I visited Blacksburg, had nice long interviews, and put in my application. If it wasn’t for that aforementioned hatred of cold that I have, I probably would have attended this fine school. Now to see it splashed all over the news for such a despicable reason is just sad. I cannot understand what drives people to do this type of thing and honestly I would rather not try. When I dwell to long on the things that we do to each other it makes me unbelievably sad.

The only thing that can make me anywhere near as sad is how the news media treats some of this. Do we really need to hear the gunshots over and over again? Do you really need to see the newscasters drill the witnesses until the break down. Does this harassment serve some healthy purpose?

So anyway, I would ask you to think about these things when you are watching the reporting. And if you find it as offensive, invasive, and overblown as I do sometimes, just turn it off. Turn the channel or hit the power. Just say no.