I don’t know how many of you use Twitter, but I am doing so more and more these days. It takes a while to get the hang of, and it can be as distracting or more so than instant messaging. (No, I don’t use IM very much at all – I love email.) But once you start to use it, you really start to depend on it.

twitter twitter tweet tweetTwitter is great for just seeing where friends and colleagues are and what they are up to. It is also good for posting that same information about yourself so that others can just check in on what is going with you. Follow me on Twitter if you want to see how often I get confounded by people’s computer problems, where I am going for lunch, or when I am working on a new post for this blog. For a good intro to Twitter and its uses, check out The Big Juicy Twitter Guide by Caroline Middleton.

I have also added a little Twitter section in the sidebar of this blog that will display the last five updates I have made to Twitter. So while I may not post an article every day, you can always get a taste for what is going on by looking over there to the right. Feel free to comment on those actions too!

If you are using Twitter, or you have any questions about it, please let me know. Also, please leave your Twitter ID in the comments so that I can follow you and stay in touch. Oh! And tell me what Twitter tool you are using. Are you just using Twitter’s webpage? I am doing that some, but using twhirl more and more as a stand alone Twitter client.