The Voice Of Text

I know you won’t understand, but I hear your voice in the texts you send, and it brings me comfort.

The Voice of Your TextI have to laugh because this must be such a modern thing. I mean really, did listeners hear words of loved ones in the frenetic beeps of their digital pagers? Of course the years of telephone before that brought voices, but more often than not they were garbled beyond recognition as the true performer was lost to wires and waves. But what about the years of letters and surreptitious messages before that? Was the voice of the sender carried through the quill to the ears of the reader through those centuries of the written word?

I hang on those texts because they bring your voice to my ears. A few short words flashed across my phone and my nerves calm and my mind clears. I find my center and I can move on. You and the electron may supply the words, but the memories deeps within my ears supply the voice and the tone and the oh, so, defined delivery.

Think it strange all you wish, but even in the ether, you are my anchor.