Women and Car (Shows)

In the old days, before my current life in computers, I used to be in the automotive industry. Many days I wish I still was. Most of those days are the ones when the systems crash, the users whine, and the vendors don’t respond to your pleas for help. But, some of the times I wish I was back with cars it is for better reasons. Reason such as . . . well such as the fact that most women consider cars cool and computers geek-ish. Lord how I hate that word, “Geek”.

Anyway, I used to go to various car shows in the good old days. Two big ones were the New York Auto Show and the Atlanta Auto Show. I have never been to the ones in Detroit, Los Angeles, or London, but I have always wanted to.

And now, with an article I just saw, I want to go to the show in Germany. Just click here to see what I mean. Or, better yet, take a look a the picture below and then click on that. That is just a small taste of the Frankfurt 2007 show.

Yup, cars are cool. Computers are not.

)7 Frank Ladies-35 Babes Damon 08A