A little happiness and motivation

We are all motivated by different things and we are sidetracked for different reasons. There are times though when you can use those things to serve a real purpose. By this I mean that when you are bothered or distracted by something you can often reward yourself with its elimination.

Desk ChairWhat the heck am I talking about? Here is my example. I am trying to blog and write more. I am using that in attempt to build up my freelance skills and credibility. As odd as it sounds though I am distracted by home office setup. I have a nice desk, but I had no desk chair. Since I didn’t have a chair for the desk I would use a large armchair with the laptop either in my lap or on a board I lay between the arms of the chair. Of course by doing that my posture was horrible and my hands would start hurting. Seriously, I could be driving down the road and if I thought about writing my hands would spontaneously ache.

Solution? I have rewarded myself with a new chair. I finally broke down and spent some money (I am really cheap when it comes to things like chairs, shoes, and other boring necessities), and bought a nice chair. No, I didn’t spend a gazillion dollars, but I found a good sale at Office Depot and bought a quality piece of office equipment. So, not only was I able to provide myself a reward for my work but I was also able to hopefully eliminate a distraction.

The key here is to look at where our pluses, our rewards, and our minus, our distractions, intersect. Sometimes you can put some pressure on that point and come out ahead all the way around.