Stops along the way

This is really more me giving some credit where credit is due and some pointers to a few interesting sites.

If you are a freelancer at all, you should check out While really aimed at writers, Deborah Ng has created an interesting and entertaining home for all sorts of freelancing information. One of the must reads is the regular “We Get Letters” entry. Here she posts and answers email from readers of varying mental stability. Really good stuff.

Another source for inspiration on those cold dark nights of entrepreneurship or freelancing is Naomi, the site’s author, creator, and all around mom runs a business helping very small business learn how to do marketing right. Too that end her site is a fount of useful information and pointed tips. Your would do well to listen to what she has to say.

Finally, is hard to describe. They say that each week they provide a handful of tips that will save you money, increase your productivity, or simply keep you sane. There is no way to pigeon hole this blog. Some tips are about computers, some are about cars. Some are about shopping, while others are simply opinions about better ways to live your life. The common thread though is that they are all interesting and most will get you thinking. Give it a try. Even if you only find about ten percent of the tips applicable to you, it is still more than worth it.

Got any more than I need to know about? Let me hear it!