A Little Unitarian Evangelism

The Unitarian Universalist Association is beginning a campaign in an attempt to grow the church. Beginning this week with an advertisement in Time Magazine. This partnership with Time Magazine is part of the larger effort to welcome newcomers to our faith and give the church some much needed new energy. For seekers who wish for a religious home that is guided by a quest for truth and meaning, Unitarian Universalism will be an exciting new experience. Our caring, open-minded religious community encourages exploration of individual spiritual paths, wherever they lead.

There is also a video that has been made available on YouTube entitled “Voices of a Liberal Faith—Unitarian Universalists.” This was produced as a DVD and distributed to all congrations to help acquaint visitors and new comers understand what Unitarian Universalism is.

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I have been a member of the Unitarian Church in Charleston for many years now, and I have been attending UU churches for over twenty years. Although I grew up in a wonderful Baptist church here in Charleston, the UU church is now my home and I would welcome anyone to visit.