At home with Google

Sometimes it is the small things that make me happy. And who knows, maybe this one might make you happy too. The first part is your Internet home page. Do you just use a random one or the one that your computer’s manufacturer set up? Well, if so, you might want to try using Google as your home page. Why? Because you can customize it to have lots of your frequently used links, news, and other web stuff. Just go to the Google home page and then “Personalized Home” link up in the top right corner. Or, if you already have a GMail account just sign in.

Once you get to the personalized page, just make it your home page. This is done through preferences on Safari or Firefox and through Tools / Options on Internet Explorer. Not that it is your home page just customize away! Add news, email, weather and such. Too much for one page? Just add a tab. Then you can have financial links on one tab, news on another, and personal fun stuff on another. Or make it however you want it.

The final thing about this that makes me happy is that you can now apply themes to this. I have mine set to a “beach”. The cool thing about that is that it changes with my local time of day so the sun rises and sets. Yes, a small thing and totally superfluous, but I like it. It makes me happy. And when was the last time that your computer just simply made you happy?