Pink Video

First of all I will admit that I really like Pink. The singer, not the color. Anyway, I think she is simply cool and her music is excellent. She shows a talent and independence that is very rare in this American Idol obsessed society. One of her songs that I really like is off her newest album, “I Am Not Dead”, and is titled “Dear Mr. President”. I found a video have have posted it below. I really had to think this over for a while before posting because I am sure it will tick off some good friend… not to mention the people who aren’t my friends! But, if it stirs up discussion that is a good thing. And I also remembered some blogging advice I once read that said if you really weren’t sure whether or not to post something, then you ought to do it. If it is important enough to make you uncomfortable about saying it, then it is definitely important enough to be said.

So, here goes. Pink’s “Dear Mr. President” from the CD “I Am Not Dead”….