Blog World in Las Vegas

Blog World ExpoAre you going to Blog World Expo in Las Vegas in October? Well, I sure wish I was. And maybe, if I am good, and very lucky, The Dads Talking Blog could help me go. How? Because the Dads Talking is giving away a full conference pass to BlogWorld & New Media Expo, and a roundtrip plane ticket to Las Vegas! How cool is that?

And why you ask would I want to attend such an event? First of all, Blog World Expo is absolutely the blogging, social media and new media event of the year. This is where the people who know what they are doing mingle with those who are learning what to do. Those who attend, both speakers and attendees, come away with energized and inspired. Who couldn’t use that? I have been to a good number of conferences over the years and even spoken at a few, and it is the people who make the difference. Sure there are vendors of all sorts, but it is the people you network with that provide the value. And I don’t mean network in that smarmy “hand-out-your-business-card-like-candy” kind of way. No, I mean getting a chance to really talk to people, find out what interests them, figure out how your interests interconnect, and then building on that.

My business, Palmettobug Digital, is based on relations. Did you know that I get all of my clients through client recommendations? True. I rarely, if ever, advertise and the few times I have I have gotten basically no results. Some might well say I am just advertising incorrectly, and that may be true. But, the relationships I have with my clients are not really the kind that lend themselves to advertising. Whether it is tuning a small network or building a web presence, do you trust the guy you find on Craigslist with the cheapest price? Or do you trust the person that your best friend recommends as the person who helped them? That is the glory of social media and blogs – they expand and deepen those friendships if done right. And those are the kind of friendships I would like to deepen at Blog World Expo.

Oh yes, and there is the fact that I have never been to Las Vegas but have always wanted to. I mean, who doesn’t want to see all that neon some time in their life?

And if I don’t win, well, make sure to let me know how it goes. And make sure to tag those tweets with #BWE10 so we all know where they are coming from. And pictures. Take lots of pictures!

Southwest AirlinesI want to that Southwest Air (@SouthwestAir) and BlogWorld (@BlogWorld) for sponsoring this conference and this contest. While I am at it, I would like to thank Southwest Air for buying AirTran. Why? Because it is finally going to mean more, and cheaper, flights from the Charleston, SC, airport.