Shirt for the Million Moderate March

I am not going to be able to make it to Washington, DC, on October 30, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be there in spirit! Get it? Day before Halloween? “Spirit”? That is supposed to be a joke.

Anyway, even though I won’t be able to answer Jon Stewart’s rallying cry, I do believe that those of you who are going should be properly dressed. Of course you can’t go to an historic (cough) event such as this without the proper t-shirt. And seeing as I am a proud citizen of the state of South Carolina, I thought this shirt would be perfect. Really, wouldn’t we all rather being hiking the Appalachian Trail. If that is what they are calling it these days.

I hiked the Appalachian Trail with Mark Sanford

So, have fun at the Million Moderate March, wave to Obama for me, shake Jon Stewart’s hand, and make sure to take lots of pictures. Oh, and don’t forget your t-shirt!