Why Am I Posting?

Not really much to say. Roxy did well this week. She went to work with me a couple of times and ran quite well. She did get jealous of the old Sebring and so caused me a bit of pain this morning. Her key just wouldn’t turn! So, just to make her even angrier I … Read more

One Small Step

A small thing, but feels major. First is that due to cleaning the fuse block and replacing a fuse, the brake lights and windshield wipers now work. Here it is time to review a lesson that I often forget – look at the simple answers before jumping to complex and costly solutions. No, I didn’t … Read more

No Day Out

Well, I was going to take Roxy to work today. Didn’t pan out though. It was fairly cold this morning and the windows were fogged up. Problem is that the windshield wipers don’t work nor does the defroster fan. So, even though I wiped the dew and fog off, the fogged right back up. This … Read more

The Retrieval

Well, we went and got it! Overall it is fairly good. Yes, I know that doesn’t say much. As with anything like this there are areas that are better than I expected and those that are worse. The engine and drive-train seem very strong. I ran it at about 70 mph on the 250 mile … Read more

My "New" BMW

Next weekend is the time! Going to get my “new” 1975 BMW 2002. It is up in Asheville, NC. Hopefully it will make it the entire way back! Technorati Tags: BMW, Cars