Cat’s In The Cradle – Or Engine Bay

I will admit that I am really tired. I didn’t get much sleep last night, and I have been busy Mayhem Helping 2recently with everything from work to helping family and friends with different projects. But everyone else is out of the house tonight so I can do what I want to – and be as noisy and as smelly as I want. Which means working on one of my cars!

But, there is a fly in the ointment. Or, day I say it, a feline in the fray. It may seem a tad ungrateful for not accepting aid where it is offered, but I just don’t think a cat under the hood is going to help with the diagnosis of my MGB’s electrical problems. Honestly, I also fear that if I spark the wrong wire or she steps on an exposed connection that she will really live up to her name of “Mayhem”. Shades of the Allstate Insurance spokesman with smoke coming from his hair.

Mayhem Helping 1

I have gotten the car running recently, and now I am just tracking down all sorts of electrical gremlins that arise from a car sitting unused for over ten years. Funny thing that – mechanical devices are preserved much better if they are used than if they are left to sit. If they just sit, electrical connections rust over, rubber seals dry out, fluids settle and turn to varnish, and in general, nature just starts to try to reclaim the raw materials the car was made out of. Use is the best thing for machinery. And electronics too.

But I am going to bow to my drooping eyelids tonight, and to the cat’s need for company. I don’t think it would go over well if I fried the cat. I don’t think she would get a charge out of that.

Cat On A Hot Tin Hood?