Come to Your Senses – Day #6

I have come to my sense. Not, not really. That will never happen. But I have come into an awareness of my senses for this, the sixth part in my thirty-one day writing exercise. Today’s exercise is “Your five senses right now.”

MayhemSight – What do you think I see?! I see the WordPress writing interface on my computer. To be more precise, I see WordPress inside the Chrome browser on my 13-inch MacBook with the reflection of the sun getting stronger on the screen because the window to the east is behind me. And I don’t have my glasses on so the screen of the computer is about all I see. The rest of the room is a blur.

Sound – Our house’s central air-conditioning unit has gone out. Died. Toes-in-the-air croaked. So until we decide what to do, and how to pay for it, we have put in some window units. Well it just so happens that my favorite reading, writing, and napping chair is directly in front of the window unit in our bedroom. So all I hear is the sound of the ac unit fan. Constantly. And occasionally its compressor cycling on and off. I frequently turn it off because I prefer warm and quiet to cold and noisy. But other members of the family complain. So right now – I hear air-conditioning.

Taste – Nothing to thrilling here, just peanut butter. My stomach was growling after having caffeine but not food this morning, so I had half of a peanut butter sandwich. What I wil tell you though is that my taste buts were in heaven last night. Had our anniversary dinner at Husk, and the food was fantastic. As Phil would say on Duck Dynasty, I was “Happy, happy, happy!”

Smell – Luckily I have a clean shirt on and I already took a shower this morning, so I don’t smell much. Seriously I keep inhaling deeper and deeper, heck I am about to hyperventilate, but all I really smell is a very faint laundry detergent scent from my Doctor Who t-shirt. I tried to smell something from the air coming in from the aforementioned window unit, but all my nose detected was cold. And I sneezed. Cold air directly up the schnoz is not such a good thing.

Touch – I feel, I feel, cold. Ok, we are back to that again. But I feel the cold of an aluminum uni-body Mac, its plastic keyboard, and a plastic and rubber mouse. I also feel the wood of my chair and the carpet beneath my bare feet. Unfortunately the cat gave up on me a few minutes ago or I might also be able to feel warm furry cat tummy. About all I can reach now is an ear. A nice soft cat ear though. Why can’t they make computers feel like cats? They already behave like them.

Thank you for stopping by again. I would love to hear from you, so I could see how you feel.