WordCamp Charleston is Next Weekend

That’s right, only one more week until WordCamp here in Charleston, SC. If you are in anyway involved with WordPress sites, either WordPress.com or .org, this is an event you shouldn’t miss. There will be session to cover everyone from basic users to full on developers, and the networking with other WordPress users will be invaluable.

WordCamp Charleston

Of course I will be speaking, but don’t let that sway your opinion – in either direction. There are a ton of knowledgeable speakers who are coming from parts local and far away. This is an excellent opportunity to hear from folk like Andrew Nacin who is one of developers of WordPress, and Maria Scarpello who is the Internal Community Manager at WooThemes – one of the largest WordPress add-on companies.

The event is being held on the campus of the beautiful College of Charleston, and admission is only $15. That meager $15 will get you a day full of WordPress speakers, a goodie bag with all kinds of swag, a chance to network with people who are really doing it in the field, and much more.  Hey, and if you so desire, you can even come listen to me talk about how to secure your WordPress installation against hackers and unexpected catastrophes.

Hope to see you there!

Hosting Site Move – Can You Feel The Earth Shake?

After many years with a different hosting company, performance was just slowing down to the point where I couldn’t stand it anymore. Homesite MoveSo, as of about 6pm EST today, this site now resides on BlueHost.

I have been putting new client websites on BlueHost for quite a while, and I have been recommending them to anyone who asks. But moving over my own site has always been a task I was trying not to tackle. Beyond this “MichaelCarnell.com” site that you are on and see right here, there are lots of files and test domains and development areas that are hidden behind the scenes. Well, it finally got bad enough that I to make the move. No way around it.

I still have a few of those backroom areas to move, but for what you, the web viewing public, normally sees – it is done. Please let me know if you see any glitches – mail not getting delivered, missing pictures, or news articles not appearing in the feeds.  I would really appreciate the help.

And if you need a good host for your WordPress site please check out BlueHost. I am quite happy with them for my site currently and for all of the work I have done for others. But rest assured, if something goes wrong, you will be among the first to know.

My Blog, My Birthday and The End – Exercise #31

We have finally arrived and the end – day 31. When I started this exercise I had no idea that I would get as tired of it as I have. Not tired of the writing itself, I still really enjoy that, but tired of the topics for the A Caboose at the Endexercises. Yup, totally my fault for not looking a little further down the line in terms of what would be asked – but it did force me to stretch a bit.

Well the exercise for today (is this the final exam?) is to tell you why I blog. Why does all this exist at all? In fact though, I have alluded to that answer more that once as the weeks wound on. My blog, this site, as it stands now is a way for me to flex my writing muscles while at the same time imparting some useful information occasionally. Not much of that useful stuff has happened over the past month, but then again nobody is perfect. If you do want one of my more useful posts recently, go back and read the one about professionalism – and then go fill in your Gravatar information! That is still driving me nuts.

Anyway … Long ago the purpose of this site was purely computer professional in nature. It is where I would write articles on things going on within the computer field, such as virus outbreaks or Microsoft Outlook email problems, or on the elements of web design, running a small office, or even book reviews.  What the site has morphed into over time is just more of my writing on whatever I want. All my more “technical” writing is over on other sites and blogs, so while there may be pointers to it here, there is no reason to repeat it all. I do still have my other sites, Michaels Trains, Charleston Rail, and Just British, for some of my other interests, but those are hobby sites and not updated anywhere near as often.

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In My Makeup Bag, What? – Exercise #30

This is going to be a real short one and an easy one. The task for exercise number thirty out of thirty-one is “What’s in your makeup bag?” Well guess what? I am male! Southern male at that. Smelly Southern male. I have no makeup bag.

I'm too sexy for this blogWhen I go on trips I take my toothbrush, toothpaste, a comb and maybe a razor. Soap and shampoo and all that stuff? Well I rely on the hotel that gets my money (at discounted rate) to provide soap. And again, being a male, I will just use the hotel soap to shampoo what is left of my hair, be the lubricant for my shaving, and clean all other portions of my body. No need to haul lots of stuff around.

On a daily basis, in the man-bag I carry, there is nothing that would be associated with a make-up bag. Sometimes, not all the time but sometimes, there is a comb in there. Various headache remedies are in there, but do those qualify as make-up bag fodder? No idea, but that is about as close as it comes.

Do men even have the real equivalent of a makeup bag? I am sure some do – I have had more than a couple of friends who hauled around all sorts of shampoos, skin care products, and even coverups and tinting products. But on the overall that probably is the exception and not the rule. I would love to hear about it if I am wrong about this!

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Looking Forward to the Future – Exercise #28

Back home in South Carolina! Yup, completed the five hour drive back from Atlanta, and now we are settled back in after being gone for about 4 and a half days. Loved the model train convention, love traveling, but it is good to be home. I will be content to be here for at least a day or two before I get wanderlust again. But not traveling for the foreseeable future. Next scheduled trip isn’t until September I believe.

Now, as for today’s assignment, I am asked to tell you about what I am looking forward to. Does “looking forward to” have to mean that I am excited? That I am happy about what is coming? I looked it up online, and one definition of the phrases says, “to wait or hope for, especially with pleasure.” Screw that “with pleasure” part. The thing is, in just a few more days I shall reach… fifty. Yes, it will be my birthday and I will be clawing my way over the half-century divide. Sigh. I must admit that I am having a bit of trouble with this milestone. I keep reflecting on how old I am, all the things I wanted to do, all the things I haven’t gotten done, and that sort of thing. I know it is self inflicted misery, but still.

I suppose it is natural for us all to take stock at some point – an inventory of the past and the future. And it would be equally natural for most of us to be unsatisfied with where we are or what we have done. Seems many people do that when they hit forty. But forty really didn’t hit me that hard. OK, I had a bit of a mid-life crisis if you include that buying of the Harley Davidson, but that was quickly taken care of by a few trips to the hospital. No, fifty is bugging me for some reason. Mid-life is one thing, but old is something else entirely. I keep having visions of myself as Milton Waddams from “Office Space”. This is not a good thing.

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