My Blog, My Birthday and The End – Exercise #31

We have finally arrived and the end – day 31. When I started this exercise I had no idea that I would get as tired of it as I have. Not tired of the writing itself, I still really enjoy that, but tired of the topics for the A Caboose at the Endexercises. Yup, totally my fault for not looking a little further down the line in terms of what would be asked – but it did force me to stretch a bit.

Well the exercise for today (is this the final exam?) is to tell you why I blog. Why does all this exist at all? In fact though, I have alluded to that answer more that once as the weeks wound on. My blog, this site, as it stands now is a way for me to flex my writing muscles while at the same time imparting some useful information occasionally. Not much of that useful stuff has happened over the past month, but then again nobody is perfect. If you do want one of my more useful posts recently, go back and read the one about professionalism – and then go fill in your Gravatar information! That is still driving me nuts.

Anyway … Long ago the purpose of this site was purely computer professional in nature. It is where I would write articles on things going on within the computer field, such as virus outbreaks or Microsoft Outlook email problems, or on the elements of web design, running a small office, or even book reviews.  What the site has morphed into over time is just more of my writing on whatever I want. All my more “technical” writing is over on other sites and blogs, so while there may be pointers to it here, there is no reason to repeat it all. I do still have my other sites, Michaels Trains, Charleston Rail, and Just British, for some of my other interests, but those are hobby sites and not updated anywhere near as often.

So really, this blog is now one big writing workbook. What you will be seeing in the future is more and more of that.  I will probably be doing some other series exercises like this one, but before I jump into them I will research them a bit better to make sure the tasks really apply to both me and the writing I want to do. I will also be dropping back to just a post ever other day on average. There my be those random moments were I have multiple ideas in a short range of time and write more, but honestly I am not sure any of your want to read more from me than that. So, without the blogging taskmaster hanging around eagerly awaiting the opportunity to send me to bed without my virtual dinner, I can take a bit more time to both craft and consider each post.

And finally, I do have to acknowledge that this journey of thirty-one days ends on my birthday. I take that as a good thing. I have passed through this challenge, done it everyday, put out some good posts, some mediocre ones, and a few that just must the law of the land, but I have done it. That sets me in good standing to start the new year of my life with the bit in my teeth and the pen in my hand.

So deep breathe, straighten spine, square the soldiers, and now I march forward.