Fortune Cookie Powered Progress

Yes, fortune cookies can be funny, especially when you place words like “in bed” on the end. But every once in a while they tell you some that makes you stop and pause. I don’t go to oriental restaurants that often, so I don’t get the cookies but a few times a year. When I do get them, I tend to save the little messages if they are somehow relevant or interesting. Don’t tell me that you don’t try to find meaning in fortune cookies or your horoscope! Everyone I know grasps for good news wherever they can find it.mcs fortune cookies

Anyway, I thought I would post two of the last fortunes that have been bestowed upon me. The first one is amazingly pinpoint for a person who was an English major, lover of books, and a struggling writer. As you can see in the picture, it read, “You are a lover of words; someday you will write a book.” OK, I do ignore the lucky numbers. But man, how cool is that? A voice from beyond telling me a bit about myself and then giving me encouragement for the future.

And even better, given the grumbling post I wrote the other day, and my current efforts to make a go at freelance writing and marketing, the one I got just a couple of days ago is very encouraging. And it doesn’t have teriyaki fingerprints. It reads, “You’re at that critical point. Make that last push.” There are all sorts of thins going on in my life at the moment that this could apply to, from personal issues and automotive wranglings, to office problems and personal development. I just hope that by doing one thing like buying my new/old car that I don’t use up all the karma available in the prediction.

Like I said, sometimes you take strength and comfort from the most unusual places. And at the moment, I am pushed forward by fortune cookies.