Macs gain strength

I have been saying for a good while now that Macs are great in business. They offer ease of use, less maintenance, and are less prone to attack by viruses or spyware. (I almost said they are immune from attack, but I don’t want anyone to prove me wrong.) Now, more and more people in the industry are agreeing with me. Take for example this article in Computerworld. They are saying exactly the same thing.

One of the interesting points the article brings up, and something that has happened in my office, is that because the corporate powers are starting to get Apple products for their personal use they are starting to see those same products as alternatives for company use. In my place of work the Macs are spreading from the top down. Actually I had the first one, but after that came the VP of Marketing and our COO. Now that there are three of us with them in the top tier of the company decisions about hardware open up and requirements for software change. Granted we still invest in software that will only run on Windows, basically because there is no alternative, but that software must be able to run either on Citrix or virtualized through a product like Parallels. No longer will we just buy a Windows based program to just slap on any old desktop. Through one means or another the product has to be able to work on a Mac. And that is good for OS X, Linux and Windows. The ability to interoperate makes all the products stronger.