Review: Not Without My Father by Andra Watkins

I kept having to stop while reading “Not Without My Father” by my friend Andra Watkins. I kept having to stop and think. I was thinking of my own father and other people in my life who I have taken for granted or not spent the time with that I should.

Not Without My Father by Andra WatkinsWhile there are quite a few good laughs in this book, it is not a bouncy rainbows and unicorns type family story. It is an honest look at a hard personal journey of discovery and connections that is mirrored through the author’s own person journey to walk the Natchez Trace. Her father accompanies her on that walk, via comfortable car of course, to guide, protect and promote her. As any dad should. But this is not so easy a relationship. Along the way old wounds are revealed and feelings left unsaid, both good and bad, are voiced. And then there is mom. Mom throws a whole different¬†spice into the brew.

As I read “Not Without My Father” I thought about my dad. And just as importantly I thought about both my son and daughter. I had to pause to wonder what baggage I was leaving them with, and what tools as well to help them on their journey. Were the experiences I shared with my family, all of my family, what I really wanted to leave them with? And most importantly, had I been present in their lives? Was I there, paying attention, and participating? Continue reading “Review: Not Without My Father by Andra Watkins”

Unique Car Musuem

Just a quick post to point out one of the places we went today – the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tennessee. Lane Motor Museum

If you would like to see some pictures just hit the image above or click here. This is simply a fun museum filled with unique or rare cars of mostly European heritage. There are a few Japanese and American machines, but not many. Additionally there are a good number of motorcycles, an airplane or two, and one very large military transport. Even my non-automotive wife and daughter found it at least somewhat interesting. If you are ever in the area, I would highly recommend a visit. With very affordable ticket prices, in fact kids under 18 are free, it would be hard to go wrong.

We also visited the Opry Mills Mall which is right next door to the big Opryland Hotel. Really just a big mall, but it has a Rain Forest Cafe, huge Bass Pro Shop, and lots of other touristy places. Yup, a big mall. Tomorrow we will be touring downtown Nashville and may I will get to visit the Apple Store! Crass commercialism, but I love Apple Stores, and we don’t have one in Charleston yet. At least it has stopped snowing here.