The Woman is Cracked

“Andrea, you are nuts,” he said. “Your senses have fallen out of a crack in your skull.”

“I am not! And my name is Andra, not Andrea. Why can’t you get that right?”

Accidental Cootchie Mama“I am getting it right.” He looked up from working on the bicycle and wiped his hands on his stone gray t-shirt. “It is your parents who got it wrong, or maybe the nurse at the hospital who filled out your birth certificate. I’m just trying to correct an obvious error. Like I am trying to tell you that your plan won’t work.”

“Why not?” she asked. By now her hands were on her hips and she was doing that pouting thing that melted most men. It wasn’t working on him. It didn’t work on architects. “Why can’t I stage just a minor takeover in the club and make it over the way I want?”

“Well to start with, I doubt that anyone really wants a club devoted to plastic shoes. That is more of an, I don’t know, fetish group?” He was standing looking down at her now. “And second, because it would take time away from what you really want to do. From spending time with me.”

She stared up at him. “And what makes you think I want to spend time with you? Someone who just told me I have a crack in my skull. And who can’t get my name right.”

“Well Annnndreaaa…” He loved to drag her name out, especially by adding extra syllables, “I can see it in your eyes. I could see it when we met at the bar that night.”

“Andra! Andra! Andra!” She screamed.

He just gave her that small smile and looked back to his bike. “Oh, and I don’t think King Louie would take to kindly to a coup anyway. He may not be the Wicked Witch, but I bet he has flying monkeys.”

“Huh,” she thought, “flying monkeys. Now there’s an idea.”


This brief interlude is partially due to the Trifecta writing challenge which is a weekly challenge to write a creative response of no fewer than 33 and no more than 333 words, using a one-word prompt.
This week’s word is:
3a : a narrow break : fissure
b : a narrow opening —used figuratively in phrases like fall through the cracks to describe one that has been improperly or inadvertently ignored or left out
Oh, it is also partially a bit of payback.