Top Five Reasons Why Sarah Palin Is Dangerous

There, I said it. Sarah Palin is dangerous. And dangerous to more than just moose and caribou. For all that I like Obama and what he stands for, I will also be voting this November against Sarah Palin. Note, that is not against John McCain (although he did pick her), it is a solid vote against Sarah Palin. Why you might ask? Well here, let me list my top five reasons why Sara Palin is dangerous.

  1. She is rabidly against abortion. Now this doesn’t necessarily hit me directly since I am a male who isn’t going to have any more kids, but it does affect my daughter and others like her. After years of women and girls struggling for their rights, I can’t stand idly by why those rights are stripped away.
  2. She thinks being near a foreign country gives you foreign policy experience. If that is the case, then I am a banker because my office is right over a bank.
  3. She is dishonest. I am not talking about Trooper-gate or the Bridge To Nowhere. I am talking about accusing Barack Obama of being a terrorist because he sat on a board with Bill Ayers. What does she think about the Republicans who sat on that same board? What about the college he serves as a distinguished professor? She knows the accusations are false, but she doesn’t care. She just wants to plant the idea in people’s minds. She would rather trash a man’s reputation than be honest.
  4. She believes the wars we are fighting now are a mission from God. That makes her as dangerous as the terrorists. It is that kind of bravado and zealotry and “win at all costs” attitude that plunges countries into darkness.
  5. She just isn’t up to it. Honestly, after watching her speeches and her debate performance, can you see her representing our country, brokering peace deals, and trying to get the Democrats and Republicans to come together in the Senate, or performing any of the other duties of the Vice President?

So there you have my main reasons. There are others, but they are just tangential and floating around. But I want to hear from you – especially if you like her! As someone who doesn’t care for her, maybe I am just blind to her good qualities. So I challenge you, tell me what you think of Tina Fey… er, I mean Sarah Palin.

Update: And now the legislative report is in. Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is guilty of abuse of power, according to a probe by the state legislature. Why am I not surprised?