Man On A Mission!

Have you ever thought about a personal mission statement? Recently I have been working on a mission statement for my up and coming business, and to tell you the truth I have been having a hard time with it. But, while at the dentist this morning, and yes under the influence of gas and Novocaine, I realized why. I am having a problem coming up with a professional missions statement because I don’t have a personal one.

This is of real importance since, seeing as this is my business and a sole proprietorship, Mission Direction Sextantthe business’s mission statement should closely mirror my own. If I can’t communicate what I personally am trying to achieve and what is important to me, then how am I ever going to be able to transfer those values to a business? I must know where I am planning on going before I can ask anyone to share that path.

I also started thinking about the ever growing concentric circles of missions statements for self, family, community, business, greater community, etc… If you can start to define yourself it makes everything from choosing a presidential candidate to selecting a vacation spot much easier. I didn’t say simple, just easier!

So I am going to start working on my personal mission statement, and when I am satisfied for the time being I will post it here. I won’t say “finished”, because a statement like this should be reevaluated and evolve over time. As my life and those around me change, my beliefs and mission will change as well.

I would love to hear what you think about this. Do you have a mission statement for your life? Your blog? Or your personal business? Why or why not? Would you care to share?

And, if you care to work on your own, here are a few resources: