Million Dollar Bill by Dawes

There is something very intriguing about this song to me. Not only that, but Dawes will be here this October for the Southern Ground Music Festival. The festival, headlined by The Zac Brown Band, will include Willie Nelson, Band of Horses, Dawes and at least a few other bands. I really want to go to … Read more

Sunsetting Posterous

Well, I never used Posterous that much, but I do hate to see it go. It has been an easy to use platform for posting quick updates. But I suppose, too many people may feel like I do, and have just not used it enough. Please follow my other permanent streams at Google+ or (which will be undergoing … Read more

Christmas Fun

My new desk is fast becoming a gathering spot for little toys. Seems the spirit of Christmas means time for fun. A dancing flower, musical slingshot reindeer and a happy winter candle holder are all just part of the fun. And let’s not even talk about the food …