Mini New Orleans

Let me just say that the speed limit was left far behind.At that time there were not as many of these fine cars on the road as there are now, so there were quite a few enquiring looks and more than a couple of people making comments or asking question…. The picture to me is very serene and conveys a great sense of the old and the new, and of two of my real loves – New Orleans and great cars.Call me foolish and sentimental, but I love this picture.

Two For You

Just a quick posting of two pictures I took. Out of all that I took last Sunday, I think these came out the best. The first, here, is of the Charleston Unitarian Universalist Church. I took it from the back in the cemetery. The second, here, is of the ceiling of the church from inside. … Read more

Can I Take Your Picture?

Why you ask? Well sorry, but it isn’t because you are so downright beautiful. Well, actually it might be if I knew who you were or if you are who I hope you are? (Geez, that was awkward.) Back to the point though, it is actually because I finally bought my new camera. I am … Read more

Pat Stuckart’s Photography

I have recently been working with a friend and co-worker of mine, Pat Stuckart, to get his photography website up and running. If you check it out at, I am sure that you will be impressed with his work. Some of his work, like the picture above, is very scenic. These pictures were taking … Read more