Attend NTEN's Technology Conference from Charleston

NTEN is a great organization for helping non-profits deal with technology in their missions. They have an annual conference which is, unfortunately, too far away for most of us to get to and pay for. This year though you can attend remotely! The Coastal Community Foundation along with The Palmetto Technology Hub are sponsoring remote attendance. Hit this link or the one below to check it out, but suffice it to say that the sessions are valuable, the cost is dirt cheap, and you can pop in and out as much as you like to just attend was is pertinent to your needs.

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CreateSouth 2010 – A Must Attend Event

The annual CreateSouth conference was held yesterday, April 17th, in Myrtle Beach, SC, and it was a blast. Although this is the third year the event has been held, it was the first year that I got to attend. I will definitely be back next year. In addition to great sessions by social media folks like Tee Morris, Heather Solos, and Jared Smith, there was also great BBQ from the Proud Purveyors of Pork

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