Blogs I Read – Exercise #25

My five favorite blogs. Wow, now there is a dangerous request. I have some good friends who blog. And I have some great people I admire. And there there are blogs I enjoy reading. And then there are blogs I read just solely for the technical information – whatever the field. So when I saw the exercise for today, day twenty-five, and it says “your 5 Wonghands Bloggingfavorite blogs”, I knew I had to do something different. I don’t want to overlook anything important, but I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings either.  So instead of my five “favorite” blogs, I am going to list here the five blogs I like that are not run by friends and a couple you probably haven’t heard of. How is that for the cowards way out?

So first off, let’s look at Bring-A-Trailer. This site is for car buffs like me who always dream of the hidden find. It is the worst nightmare of our wives. Bring-A-Trailer lists unusual cars for sale that are often in need of restoration; hence the need to “bring a trailer” to retrieve them.  Looking right now, the three most recently listed finds are a 1959 Triumph TR3 (had one of those), a 19k-Mile 1973 Ford E-Series Club Wagon (no desire for that), and a 1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal that has been in storage since 1988 (that would be kind of interesting). A fun site, an interesting diversion, and a constant exposure to the unusual.

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JustBritish – My Site For British Cars

I have a site for those muddle masses among us who are British car fans. It is JustBritish and I have been running it for a few years now. Why I am mentioning it now is that I have just finished the first thrust of a major redesign. If you are so inclined, and I hope you are, I would be most grateful if you would visit the site and let me know what you think.

JustBritish - British car new, information, discussion, and events.

I have been a British car fan since I was a young boy. I think the very first car I ever fell in love with was an MG TC. To me it was more than a car, it was a that most hackneyed of expressions, a rolling sculpture. I built at least two models of TCs during the young summers when I kept repeatedly breaking my leg. Later on, after finally getting a license and a job with enough money to warrant a car, my first car was a 1971 MG B GT. I always loved the look of the hardtop GTs a bit more than the convertible Bs.

Due to only having enough money to buy the car but not to have it worked on when it needed help, I learned to work on my own cars. This was something totally out of the norm for me or most of my family. But I loved it. I ended up working for a foreign car parts shop, learning more than I can ever imagine from the owner who became a life long friend, and starting down that long road to car fanaticism. Along the way I started the British Car Club of Charleston (still in existence 25 years later), met some of the most amazing people, owned more old British relics than I had years on my body, and found a wife who would put up with all this!

But, back to the site. I have been working on this site with forums and events and classifieds and such for many years. Recently though I have decided that I need to really do something with it. And so … the site redesign. I have started by making the main site a blog. I have a few more things to do there, but once complete I will move on to refining, and hopefully speeding up, the forums. And then from there who knows!

So, if you can spare a moment, please stop by. And if you are “one of us”, please sign up for the news feed, leave a note, and become a regular. Most of the cars are small, but there is always room for one more.