Speaking on DotNetNuke and Google

Michael SpeakingI will be speaking at two different events over the next week here in Charleston. I will be at BarCamp Charleston on Saturday, and the Google Developer’s Group on Wednesday, November 14. The session on Saturday, if voted in that morning, will be an introduction to DotNetNuke. At the meeting Wednesday I will be delivering my presentation on what Google offers for non-profits.

So, if you are interested in DotNetNuke, Google, or would just like to heckle me, please come on down!

BarCamp – Introduction to DotNetNuke

DNN at BarCampAre you interested in websites and content management? Maybe you have been hearing a lot about WordPress, Drupal, DotNetNuke or other CMS software and are having a touch time telling the difference between them all or deciding which one to use. Well, I just recently put forth a proposal to do an Intro to DotNetNuke session for the Charleston BarCamp conference in November. Please take a look and vote it up!

DotNetNuke is the leading open source content management system for the Windows Server platform. More importantly it is an extremely powerful and secure framework on which to build robust websites. And yes, the world of open source can exist and even thrive within the Microsoft environment. From the granular security model which allow system administrators to precisely define website permissions at the site, page or module level to the rich market of third party themes and add-ons, DNN offers a mature environment that rivals or surpasses those on other platforms.

In this session I will give an introduction to DNN and the way it operates. We’ll also look at a few demo sites and discuss their operation. Finally we will talk about DNN in comparison to other website tools like WordPress and Drupal and deal directly, honestly and rabidly with the differences between each and their relative strengths and weaknesses.

Essentials of Website Development

Palmetto Technology HubThis Monday, December 19th, I will be conducting a training session for the Palmetto Technology Hub on the essentials of website development.

No matter if you are doing your own web design or overseeing the production of that work; no matter if you are using WordPress, Drupal, DotNetNuk or a hand coded site, there are certain best practices that should be followed to get the best results possible. In this training we will cover things such as page flow, hot positions, usability, and accessibility. What we discuss will impact both your search engine results and customer satisfaction. Additionally, what we will be going over can be used for any platform with any web tools.

For more information on this training session, please check out the Palmetto Technology Hub’s event calendar.

Podcast Episode 006: WordPress, Drupal and the Choice of Web Platforms

The Social Media Monster PodcastEpisode 6 of The Social Media Monster podcast is a conversation with my guest Tom Sliker on website platforms, the differences between WordPress and Drupal, and why a site builder might choose one over the other. Tom has developed on numerous platforms, has worked in all levels of IT operations, and has been my friend for about 15 years.

Tom Sliker
Twitter – @tsliker

Video to kick-off the discussion : WordPress is Better Than Drupal: Developers Take Note

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