Friends – Something To Be Thankful For

Our world is built upon the lives of those we have known. They are all there in the earth and the sky and the oceans. But friends, friends are something more. They are the parts we have chosen to include, specifically picked out to construct our homes in this world. Old friends are implanted so deeply in our hearts that they make up the mortar of our lives. And even if now, they are removed, the structure, the presence they helped to create. remains intact.

In this time of thankfulness, I give thanks for all the friends I have had over the years. Some are new and still developing¬†while others are old and comfortable. Sadly there are those who are no longer with me due to distance or change of heart or life’s passing, but I give thanks for them all.

New Story Circle – Sully Part I

Back in June of this year I participated in a story circle on Cameron Garriepy’s web site. Go ahead and read that story at “A Line Run Rounds the World“. It was great fun, a good exercise, and now it is about to happen again. This Dark Highwaytime though I will be part two instead of the initial kick off. A fellow blogger and all around interesting person Shannon, aka MrSugarbears, has written part one and another friend of mine is writing part three. The four different parts are coming out on the successive Wednesdays in November.

I have put a bit of part one here, but to read the full thing and then continue on with the story you need to go to read “Sully” on Cameron’s site. And of course I will be giving you a taste and a link to my part two of this story a week from now.

Sully, Part One:

Sully could not remember the last time that she had slept or had anything to eat. She just kept driving. The interstate is the loneliest of places when you are scared and a dangerous place when you and your car are running on empty. The light had just come on and Sully knew she had to find a service station within the next 20 miles or she really was in trouble. She was stricken with panic. Was it following her? She needed to find a station fast and fill up.

Desperately trying to shake the whispered breaths that were chilling the back of her neck she reached for her trusty thermos. Why had she been tempted to open the box? If she had only left it alone, but of course her curiosity had gotten the best of her. Now she just prayed she could drive far enough away that it could not find her. Her intuition told her she had a long road ahead.

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Thank Goodness For Old Friends

Thanks to Facebook I have been reunited with some great people from back in my high school days. Now you have to understand, I was not one of the “in” people in school. In fact, if I remember correctly, I was fairly disagreeable. And after school I lost contact with almost all of those folks that I had known.

St Andrews Parish High SchoolBut now it is nearly 30 years later and time has mellowed me – a bit. And I find that all those people I used to know are still out there, and guess what, for some reason they remember me fondly! No idea why, but these are some great people and they still want to be friends with me. Will miracles ever cease?

At the moment I would just like to mention two of the people. The first is Lydia Montgomery. She surprised me when she contacted me. And she just kept on surprising with her friendship, generosity, and humor. Can someone please tell me why I didn’t hang out with her more back then? Makes no sense.

The other fine lady is Liz DeLoach. Now here is smart, funny, successful woman if I ever saw one. Doubt that? Take a look at the guest article she wrote for my professional site – Why Businesses Should Have a Website and a Facebook Page. She is dead on target and addressing a very timely issue. Amazing what people you grew up with can do when enabled. And then there is the simple personal caring she has shown for me and my family recently. I am humbled.

Now don’t get me wrong, these are two great women, but they are only two of the people I have reconnected with recently. To these and all the rest, I just want to say thanks. Thanks for the past, but even more so, thanks for the great years to come!