Lookout Tower on top of The Mountain

Up near Highlands, North Carolina, there is a great camp and retreat. It is The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center. This tower, taken through the trees, is on top of that mountain and looks over North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, and on very clear days even Tennessee. Posted via email from Carnellm’s Posterous

Where I Stand

As might be expected, I don’t often agree with a lot of people. At least not 100%. I don’t think anyone truly agrees with someone else, just bits and pieces here and there. But when our consulting minister, Danny Reed, delivered his sermon a few weeks ago I found myself agreeing with one section of … Read more

Bumper Stickers

From the looks if this car, we aren’t in conservative Charleston anymore! Loving it – this was from the parking lot of the retreat I went too this weekend. It was nice to actually have other cars around that spoke to similar views. Posted via email from Carnellm’s Posterous