Review of Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen

Likeable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook (& Other Social Networks)Likeable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook (& Other Social Networks)ir?t=&l=as2&o=1&a=0071762345&camp=217145&creative=399373
by Dave Kerpen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An excellent book for those looking to get started in social media, gain a better understanding of it, or understand why it is important. The examples that Kerpen gives are spot on as to the value that lies in the new, but oh so old, form of interaction.

At its base, social media is not much different than all the communication that we have all been doing for years; that the human race and consumers have been doing forever. What is different about it is the immediacy, the permanence, and the reach. Kerpen illustrates this very well with examples of how social media has been used to help companies and causes, or ignored to the peril of those on the wrong end.

As one saying goes about social media, “your customers are already talking about you, don’t you want to be part of that conversation?” Likeable Social Media helps you to understand how to be part of that conversation without being a pushy salesperson or an overpowering know-it-all. You want to be liked. You want to be the person that others gather around at the cocktail party instead of the one they all avoid.

You don’t have to read this book cover to cover, in fact your don’t even have to read the chapters in order. In that way it is a great desk or bedside reference to just pick up from time to time to get a quick bit of inspiration.

If social media bewilders you at all, this book is highly recommended.

Note: The publisher gave me a copy of this book for the purpose of. There were no strings attached, and that gratis review copy in no way swayed my opinions towards this work.

You Are The Social Media Revolution

I had all but forgotten about this great video until I saw it again today. I was at the College of Charleston taking part in a presentation on Social Media with Dr. Bing Pan. He is well respected in the field and in Hospitality & Tourism Management, and it was on honor to be on stage with him. Anyway, he started the presentation out with this video, and I was immediately reminded of how good it is and how hard hitting some of the facts are. To that end, I thought I would post it here for your enjoyment.

For more from the people who made this, just check out SocialNomics.

Great Session at #BarCampChs

Using social media to create better communities. This is good stuff! #ChsConnect

BarCamp is a local, ad-hoc “un-conference” where those attending determine what will be presented. Sessions, discussions, demos and interaction occur from everyone attending, not a select panel of speakers. BarCamp provides an open environment for learning and sharing knowledge.

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Managing Your Digital Life

I just thought I would pass along to all of you a great new website dedicated to the way all live drivenow. The Managing Your Digital Life Podcast & Blog is a great destination for information on how to deal with all the electronic stuff you accumulate during your daily life. The folks there, like Scott Bourne and Andy Ihnatko, answer questions like: What sort of hard drive should I buy? How do I create a backup plan? What’s the difference between backup and archive?

They will provide tips, tricks, news and reviews relevant to the most up-to-date storage, backup and archiving systems. The goal is to help you take care of, manage, access and safely store/backup all your precious homework assignments, videos, photos, databases, music files and more.

Managing Your Digital Life is a highly recommended site, so check them out!

Building A WordPress Blog People Want To Read

building_a_wordpress_blogBuilding A WordPress Blog People Want To Read by Scott McNulty is a new book on setting up and running a successful blog. McNulty has written an easy to understand and at times amusing introduction to getting started with what is currently one of the most popular social media platforms.

Both well written and well illustrated, the book covers everything from downloading and installing the software, to setting up the database, defining system parameters, and selecting a template. What is really excellent about these explanations is that McNulty tells you not only what are the best choices, but what impact those choices will have on your blog in the future. There are many selections you can make when setting up a new WordPress installation that can seriously affect how your blog operates in a year or two when it is getting lots of hits, and McNulty helps you to make well informed decisions.

While the book was written based on version 2.6 of the WordPress software and version 2.7 has now been released, there is very little other than administrative interface that does not apply. Most of the setup choices and database decisions are still the same. It would be great to see a physical or on-line update of the book for WordPress version 2.7, but I think that is just me being greedy.
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