It Is Too Much

My heart hurts – it aches from the strain, From the pain of everyday life, From the punches thrown by assailants both known and far away. I am grown heavy with the burden of pumping the blood to keep the system going. I am tired, and my heart hurts.  

Efficiency versus Minimalism

There are two separate trains of thought going around these days that in many ways support each other, but at other time I just can’t seem to balance. The move towards efficiency says that we should make the most of our time, that no moment should wasted, and that we need to do multiple tasks … Read more

The Walls Are Transparent

Not only did these men all have great trials to face when the news of their actions came out, even greater was the inner turmoil they faced.Other examples can be seen in companies that talk about fiscal responsibility but still cling to wasteful ways of private jets and corporate perks…. And how many people are there who say we should help the immigrants but still won’t hire them or who recoil from them in social situations.All of these actions create turmoil within us and cause us to be less than content.

Off To See The Doctor

Guess they don’t like it when your blood pressure shoots up, your face turns red, you get dizzy, and your heart races and thumps. So I am off to be examined this afternoon. I am sure it is a combination of stress, eating habits, stress, lack of exercise, and stress. We will just have to … Read more

Blood Pressure Rising

I have been trying meditation, and tea, and walks, and about everything else I can think of. But do you want to know the truth? Well the truth is that I just really want to kill someone! There, I said it. Maybe that will make me feel better! The problem is, and I am sure … Read more