A View From Underneath

OK, I didn’t get much chance to do anything today due to family obligations. But I did get a chance to run her up on the ramps and then crawl underneath. I can see how the gear shift is lose, but I still really can’t see how to fix it. I also really need a … Read more

Roxy’s Trip to the Plantation

Well, it wasn’t a very long trip, but Roxy did get out. I had a team building retreat from work on Thursday and it took place at Middleton Plantation not too far from my house. So on the way by I dropped off the Sebring, changed clothes, and picked up Roxy. She loved getting out … Read more

No Day Out

Well, I was going to take Roxy to work today. Didn’t pan out though. It was fairly cold this morning and the windows were fogged up. Problem is that the windshield wipers don’t work nor does the defroster fan. So, even though I wiped the dew and fog off, the fogged right back up. This … Read more

A Day With Roxy

Yes, I have officially lost it and for the first time have named a car. Her name is “Roxy”. Why? Well mainly because there is a Roxy surf sticker on her side window that looks really cool. And also because somehow it just felt like this car is a she and that the sticker is … Read more

The Retrieval

Well, we went and got it! Overall it is fairly good. Yes, I know that doesn’t say much. As with anything like this there are areas that are better than I expected and those that are worse. The engine and drive-train seem very strong. I ran it at about 70 mph on the 250 mile … Read more