Automotive Rescue Gear

Before I went up to Asheville to retrieve Roxy, I started making a list of those things I should take with me. It really made me think about what might go wrong and what I might need. I told my daughter that in many ways this had changed over the years. When I used to … Read more

Why Am I Posting?

Not really much to say. Roxy did well this week. She went to work with me a couple of times and ran quite well. She did get jealous of the old Sebring and so caused me a bit of pain this morning. Her key just wouldn’t turn! So, just to make her even angrier I … Read more

One Small Step

A small thing, but feels major. First is that due to cleaning the fuse block and replacing a fuse, the brake lights and windshield wipers now work. Here it is time to review a lesson that I often forget – look at the simple answers before jumping to complex and costly solutions. No, I didn’t … Read more

Mobile Tradition

Found out that you can email the folks at BMW’s Mobile Tradition Archives to find out a bit of history on your car. I did just that by emailing them my VIN. This is what I got back: “The BMW 2002 US VIN ******* was manufactured on April 4th, 1975 and delivered on April 15th, … Read more

The Diagnosis

Well I left the car up on ramps from yesterday so that I could get under there today with better light and hopefully get something accomplished. I did get back under, but i got nothing accomplished. Well, not absolutely nothing. I did confirm that it is the bushings in the gear shift mount that have … Read more