Lionel Artist Angela Trotta Thomas In Charleston

Stepping a bit outside of my own model train news, I would just like to relate that a great event for train lovers, art lovers, and Christmas train lovers of all ages is happening this Friday evening, December 6.

Angela Trotta Thomas - Southern Charm

Coco Vivo at gallery has announced a special holiday art show during the month of December. Angela Trotta Thomas, official artist of Lionel Train Corporation, will exhibit a collection of original oils depicting nostalgic toy train art. An exciting COCO VIVO Christmas window scene will feature the Angela Trotta Thomas Signature Express toy train set traveling through a holiday snowy village. Angela’s powerful images are a mixture of Lionel trains, childhood, and the holiday season. This year’s train layout will be even bigger than last year’s display!

A special invitation is extended to kids of all ages to experience the magic of toy trains this Christmas. Meet Angela Trotta Thomas on Friday, December 6, 5:00 – 8:00 PM, at 25 Broad Street in downtown Charleston during a special artist reception. Join our Jingle & Mingle holiday event and relive the memories of Christmases past. Angela will be handing out and signing the latest Lionel Christmas catalog.

Angela’s latest artworks draw on memories of Lionel trains and a simpler time. She is creating still life paintings that combine Lionel trains with period objects that evocatively freeze time. Many paintings will depict Lionel trains of the era, and children playing with their favorite trains.

Not Your Typical Childhood Book – Exercise #24

When I was a kid, my mother would read to me for hours, I loved it.Man-Eaters of Kumaon by Jim Corbettir?t=palmettobugdigit&l=as2&o=1&a=0195622553That simple act has had a great affect on me and is the key to my answer for today’s exercise. Exercise number twenty-four out of thirty-one is to detail my favorite childhood book. The answer to that may actually answer a lot of questions about my personality.

My mother saw no reason to stick to kids books when reading to me. Basically, if the subject was interesting and I could handle and understand it, then it was fare game. Game. Huh. The book I remember the most and will call my favorite was Man-Eaters of Kumaon by Jim Corbett. To quote Amazon,

Corbett was also an author of great renown. His books on the man-eating tigers he once tracked are not only established classics, but have by themselves created almost a separate literary genre. Man Eaters of Kumaon is the best known of Corbett’s books, one which offers ten fascinating and spine-tingling tales of pursuing and shooting tigers in the Indian Himalayas during the early years of this century. The stories also offer first-hand information about the exotic flora, fauna, and village life in this obscure and treacherous region of India, making it as interesting a travelogue as it is a compelling look at a bygone era of big-game hunting.

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Oh My Head!!

I took a major header yesterday. Well, my blog did. Look up there at the top of this page and you will see my new header! I really want to thank a friend of mine who did the design work on it. She took a bunch of pictures that I had taken over time, made them look like old photo postcards, and then assembled them into a fantastic look header image. I really appreciate her – not only for her creative ability but for her friendship.

If you look closely you can see three of my cars, the ceiling of the Unitarian Church in Charleston, some of my favorite “diversions”, the sailing ship The Spirit of South Carolina, and a few more pictures from various trips. The only one of those pictures that I didn’t take myself is the one that I am actually in. That was taken about 5 or 6 years ago out in Washington state by my friend Todd Miller. I had gone out to visit a bunch of car buddies, attend the Portland All-British Field Meet, and finally meet a long term email friend, Herberta Gray. That is her standing beside me. And next to us is her MG 1100 named Natasha that she purchased new in 1963. That was the year I was born!