Podcast Episode 005: Blogging for Business

Episode 5 of The Social Media Monster podcast is the presentation on Blogging for Business by Heather Solos at the Charleston County Public Library‚Äôs Small Business and Not-For-Profit Networking Lunch. The slides for this presentation, which include the URLs for the resources mentioned, are available in a previous post and on SlideShare. Sites Mentioned Blogging … Read more

Blogging Tips at the Small Business & Nonprofit Networking Lunch

Blogs are more than pictures of cats and political ranting. Discover the difference between blogging, blogging professionally, and having a professional blog. We will also cover tips and strategies for utilizing a blog as part of your small business marketing strategy. The presenter this month is Heather Solos. Heather has been blogging professionally since 2006, … Read more

Slideshow – Find Us on Facebook

Theresa Wagner of the Charleston County Public Library gave an excellent talk pertaining to Facebook Fan Pages at the monthly networking meeting for small businesses and not-for-profits. Facebook is increasingly growing more important as a both a means of attracting new prospects and keeping in contact with current business contacts, and the creation and use … Read more