The Woman is Cracked

“Andrea, you are nuts,” he said. “Your senses have fallen out of a crack in your skull.”

“I am not! And my name is Andra, not Andrea. Why can’t you get that right?”

Accidental Cootchie Mama“I am getting it right.” He looked up from working on the bicycle and wiped his hands on his stone gray t-shirt. “It is your parents who got it wrong, or maybe the nurse at the hospital who filled out your birth certificate. I’m just trying to correct an obvious error. Like I am trying to tell you that your plan won’t work.”

“Why not?” she asked. By now her hands were on her hips and she was doing that pouting thing that melted most men. It wasn’t working on him. It didn’t work on architects. “Why can’t I stage just a minor takeover in the club and make it over the way I want?”

“Well to start with, I doubt that anyone really wants a club devoted to plastic shoes. That is more of an, I don’t know, fetish group?” He was standing looking down at her now. “And second, because it would take time away from what you really want to do. From spending time with me.”

She stared up at him. “And what makes you think I want to spend time with you? Someone who just told me I have a crack in my skull. And who can’t get my name right.”

“Well Annnndreaaa…” He loved to drag her name out, especially by adding extra syllables, “I can see it in your eyes. I could see it when we met at the bar that night.”

“Andra! Andra! Andra!” She screamed.

He just gave her that small smile and looked back to his bike. “Oh, and I don’t think King Louie would take to kindly to a coup anyway. He may not be the Wicked Witch, but I bet he has flying monkeys.”

“Huh,” she thought, “flying monkeys. Now there’s an idea.”


This brief interlude is partially due to the Trifecta writing challenge which is a weekly challenge to write a creative response of no fewer than 33 and no more than 333 words, using a one-word prompt.
This week’s word is:
3a : a narrow break : fissure
b : a narrow opening —used figuratively in phrases like fall through the cracks to describe one that has been improperly or inadvertently ignored or left out
Oh, it is also partially a bit of payback.


The Good Times – Exercise #22

Fast on the heels of my ten favorite foods list from yesterday, today’s exercise is to illuminate you on the best thing that has happened this year. A lack of specifics is what we have here though. Is this supposed to be a calendar year? So, since January 1st? Or is this a full 12 months, so since July 15th of 2012. Maybe this actually means a school year, since it is kind of an educational exercise, but that is even harder since I am not a student and we would be in the middle of summer break anyway.  So let’s say we just do this for the last twelve months, and that will enable me to make my new(ish) job fit the bill.

ILori and David - At lunch and on phonesn December of 2012 I was hired on board as a systems programmer for the Medical University of South Carolina in the pediatrics department. The job is good, the benefits are nice, and the work is interesting, but that is really not what makes this the high point of the year. What makes this job the best thing to happen to me over the past year is that they sought me out for it. Correction, my now-boss sought me out for the job. It means a lot when someone specifically comes to you when you are not even looking for a job and asks you to come to work for them. It tells you that they really could use your skills and would like for you to join their team. For we geeks, so often the last ones picked for teams, that is huge. The fact that Lori, the brilliant and talented person who recruited me, has known me for many many years and would still want me on her team says even more. Continue reading “The Good Times – Exercise #22”

Difficult Times – Exercise #20

I am guessing some might call it a cheap way out to just point at the poem I wrote earlier today and declare that to be the answer to today’s exercise. Oh, by the way, that exercise is “a difficult time in your life”. Problem is that I think so many of us define ourselves by adversity that the difficult times in our lives are about all we see when we look back. We often over look the good times, and totally and completely ignore the periods of just calm complacency.

Mardi Gras in the Ninth WardThere have been lots of those over the course of my years -both good times and times of calm complacency. There have also been some absolutely fantastic times. Yup, overboard, over the top, joyous occasions. But, for some reason, the creator of this series of exercises would like to hear about a difficult time – not the time I met my boyhood idol, or vacationed in the UK, or danced down the streets of Savannah in the Marching Kazoo band. So those stories will wait for another day.

Difficult times in my life seem to be many, at least they are able to form a rather well attended convention in my head, so I need to relate one that won’t leave me crawling around on my mental knees, like the sudden death of my mother, or tell you too much about my inner frailties, such as buying a motorcycle when I turned forty; and then spending a decent amount of time in the hospital because of the stupid decision. And I will leave my children out of this since some of you seem averse to “kid stories”, and others just don’t care. And my kids hate it when I talk about them.

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It's Coming Any Second

My head turns, and
I can take no more meds,
Missing Some Bricksstarting to lose me.
But turning again,
I can’t take any more days,
Where I continue to lose you.

The center will not hold,
an arc bending not cracking.
Such a swing of stasis
of balance and finess.
By matching ignorance to apathy
Held into dysfunctional bliss.

The change had to be coming
Silence and rage filled the cracks
Expanding and pushing apart the bricks
The mortar was sand and washed away
Leaving weakness in its placed.
A bridge of tired spans
that no longer cover the breach.

I fear the stumbling feet below me now,
the trip and fall that follow.
And what shall replace the balance,
When I look up from the trance?


Pride Goeth Before Parenthood – Exercise #17

Today’s exercise is about pride. I am going to switch it up a bit, use multiple definitions, and generally do what I feel like. So when the exercise says,”What is your proudest moment,” what I’m going to tell you about is me being proud of my kids. So we are talking about pride in a pride. I am doing this for two reasons.

Carnell KidsFirst is that although I am happy about things I have done, I don’t take huge amounts of pride in my accomplishments. What I do usually involves a lot of people as a team, not just me working by myself. I have partners in business, in hobbies, and in life. So I can’t and won’t take credit for everything goes on. Very often it is other people fixing my mistakes or polishing my rough work that makes me look good.

Second, what I really am proud of is what my kids have done. And what they will do. They are still young and have a lot of time ahead of them, but if their history is any indication then their futures will be burning bright. If I leave nothing in the world other than the legacy of these two young adults, I can be content with that. I have a feeling that they will both leave their marks on people in great ways.

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